Monday, January 17, 2022

Free Timer 5.2 has been released

  • New timer modes "OnZero: Stop timer, Restart timer, Run as stopwatch" have been added.
  • New timer drawing mode "Swap Direction" has been added.
  • A new toolbar button has been added that launches another application instance while its own data is saved for each instance.
  • Improved: Some interface languages have been corrected.
  • Fixed: The program created an empty folder in C:\Users\(User)\AppData\Roaming
  • Some other bug fixes and improvements.
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Thursday, April 22, 2021

Free Timer 5.1 has been released

  • A new ability to specify a title for a timer has been added.
  • New command line parameter /TIME has been added. With this parameter you can set the timer time in the "hh:mm:ss" format.
  • New command line parameter /TITLE has been added. With this parameter you can set the title of the timer.
  • Changed software website to
  • Corrected the Greek interface language.
  • Fixed: Sometimes the installer would hang while uninstalling and updating the software.
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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Free Timer 5.0 has been released

  • Improved: The design of the application has been updated. A new dark theme has been added. The application icons have been changed.
  • Improved: When editing a timer, you can set any values for hours, minutes and seconds.
  • Improved: In the digital timer, if the duration of an event is less than an hour, only minutes and seconds are displayed, without days and hours, leaving more space for digits.
  • Improved: The ability to count up the time has been added.
  • Improved: If the timer is set for less than 5 minutes, the full circle design is used.
  • Improved: When the "Always on top" option is enabled, the caption of the main window is reduced and the program icon is removed from the taskbar.
  • A new "Open Online Timer" button has been added.
  • New: Translations of the user interface into 5 languages: Hindi, Norwegian BokmÃ¥l, Persian, Kurdish and Estonian.
  • New sounds have been added, some sounds have been renamed.
  • Improved: Translation of sounds into other languages has been added.
  • Improved user interface translation in some languages (especially Asian languages).
  • Improved: The work of the program on High DPI screens has been improved and fixed.
  • Improved: If for some reason the sound could not play, the system beep starts playing.
  • Improved: In Windows 7 and above, when playing the sound of the alert, all sounds are muted and music playback is paused, if the "Turn on the volume" option is checked.
  • Changed: The sound of the metronome has been changed. You can change the sound of the metronome by changing the Metronome.wav file.
  • Fixed: The timer was inaccurate.
  • Fixed issue with incorrect detection of system date and time format.
  • Lots of other fixes and improvements.
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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Free Timer 4.0 has been released

  • Free Timer now has full Unicode support.
  • New application icon.
  • New: The program shows a stop button and brings the main window to the foreground when the alarm triggers.
  • New command line parameter /START has been added. This parameter starts the timer.
  • New: 6 alarm sounds have been added.
  • New: Translations of the UI into Greek and Indonesian languages.
  • Improved Windows 10 Compatibility.
  • Improved DPI Scaling support.
  • Some other fixes and improvements.
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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Free Timer 2.0

Free Timer software version 2.0 has been released.

Free Timer is an interesting and useful alternative to traditional timers. It’s better to look at a pie chart representation of the time elapsed than a set of numbers ticking away.

Set an interval and press Start. When Free Timer finishes the countdown, the music you have selected will start playing and the timer will stop. You can select which music or sound will play and how many times it will repeat.

You can change the color of the countdown section, and you can also change the background color from white to black (Negative).

You can build a metronome (which ticks every second) so that it turns on several seconds before the countdown is finished. For example, a ticking metronome, set to begin one minute before the end of an exam, can attract the students' attention.

More information about timer software you may find at the official web site of Free Timer software: