Thursday, November 7, 2013

Free Timer 2.0

Free Timer software version 2.0 has been released.

Free Timer is an interesting and useful alternative to traditional timers. It’s better to look at a pie chart representation of the time elapsed than a set of numbers ticking away.

Set an interval and press Start. When Free Timer finishes the countdown, the music you have selected will start playing and the timer will stop. You can select which music or sound will play and how many times it will repeat.

You can change the color of the countdown section, and you can also change the background color from white to black (Negative).

You can build a metronome (which ticks every second) so that it turns on several seconds before the countdown is finished. For example, a ticking metronome, set to begin one minute before the end of an exam, can attract the students' attention.

More information about timer software you may find at the official web site of Free Timer software: